COPLARE - Coastal Plastics Recycling

A new initiative for intelligent plastic recycling calls for your participation: become a part of the COPLARE adventure, too!

We set out on a sailing trip around the world from Wiesbaden at the beginning of July 2011. The trip will last several years. The COPLARE project - Coastal Plastics Recycling - is along for the ride.


COPLARE is a unique project: we aim to bring plastic recycling ideas to developing countries. We hope to turn the ecological problem faced by many exotic places around the world into an unexpected source of income for the people there and thus, help them to help themselves. Plastic objects can be found at almost all seashores and thus constitute a growing problem. However, plastic waste is not actually garbage, it is an increasingly sought after secondary raw material. There is a surprising multitude of possibilities for profitable and resource-saving utilisation of used plastics. In many cases, it is even possible to feed used plastics back into the material cycle.


With the help of the COPLARE expert network, the promoters, the sponsors and the association COPLARE e.V., we want to expand our knowledge in this area and then spread it in remote places of the world during our sailing trip, which is expected to last three years. If you support us, you will join us on a unique and exciting discovery trip. Discover the COPLARE Community and contact us!