Photos & Videos

Plastic collected on the SE shore of Hawaii, cut down into smaller pieces to reduce it's volume for shipping. It's in Germany now.

Marine plastic debris: See what it looks like and what it is. We take you out to remote island beaches and on the open ocean, places that are rarely visited but highly affected by marine pollution.

See what can be produced out of used plastics with industrial or small scale recycling. Real "re-cycling" happens only when plastics are treated in a way that they can be used again and again. Each recycling process that produces a good that can't be mechanically recycled anymore is downcycling!

To watch all "touristy" pictures we've taken during our three year cruise to see how beautiful this planet is, which amazing scenery and creatures it has produced so far and by which lovely people it is inhabited you're more than welcome to jump over to our German website where we've uploaded thousands of beautiful pictures. Just click on this link and dive into a virtual journey.