Joachim Probst

Joachim Probst - passionate sailor and versatile technician who loves exciting development tasks


Joachim is a trained plumber, qualified heating and sanitary engineer and holds a degree in business administration, specialising in industrial art and craft. Most recently, he has worked on evaluating and certifying energy-efficient international passive house projects. He also develops training programmes. He speaks German and English.


As an active sailor for many years, he is well aware of the coastal pollution caused by plastic waste. He also knows about the dangers a sailing boat can get into, if it becomes impossible to manoeuvre the boat due to waste in the propeller under unfavourable conditions. He has wanted to go on a big sailing trip for many years and is happy to have found Susanne, who would like to come with him. When she told him about her idea of starting a plastic recycling initiative and showed him examples of what could be made from plastic, he was up for it immediately. Joachim already knows a lot about material properties of various plastics from his heating and sanitary engineering time and likes to deal with all kinds of technical problems, even IT issues for operating our website.


In order for the Coplare project to be developed and implemented during the journey, he is currently planning the renovation works on the boat Pagena as a matter of priority. The aim is to turn it into a safe, usable cruiser that is not susceptible to faults, so that it provides the best possible working environment for COPLARE, despite the limited space, energy consumption and available funds for means of communication. Aside from that, he supports Susanne in dealing with all arising issues like a committed sparring partner.


Susanne's and Joachim's skills and experiences perfectly complement each other for this project and they cannot wait to master all the exciting future challenges together!