Susanne Tölzel

Susanne Tölzel – versatile communications expert devoted to the subject of sustainability


As a business administration graduate, Susanne has worked as a marketing project manager in the consumer goods industry for many years. Previously, she worked as a consultant to top management of the impressive client base of an international advertising agency. She speaks German, English, French, as well as "Swabian".


In her previous job, she was a member of the Sustainability Team and the New Product Board. As Marketing Development Manager she constantly strived to improve the sustainability of the organisation and its products and to establish appropriate projects in various departments. How to introduce environmental improvements in the packaging sector was of particular interest to her before her departure.


From the processing of recycled PET used for plastic bottles by her former employer, she experienced firsthand the problems faced in the market in obtaining large quantities of usable recyclate at stable prices. Demand is high and the prognosis is that industrial demand will increase significantly in the coming years.


From years of experience she has learnt that putting innovative ideas into practice often begins slowly at first. It takes time for doubts to be dispelled, to solve problems and to accept new ideas which always involve a degree of uncertainty. It takes a certain persistence and the power of persuasion to overcome obstacles as they arise during the course of a project. This is why she sets great store by the Coplare community who, thanks to the Internet, always manage to find someone who proposes a solution, even if Coplare itself is at its wit's end.


Susanne feels that the meaningful work she has done to date has been a privilege which she would be reluctant to give up. For her, COPLARE represents the best of both worlds: the opportunity to fulfil her lifelong dream and do the work she loves at the same time.