Easy DIY Intelligent Plastics Recycling Tutorials

How to make Sheets and blocks from HDPE like milk bottles and bottle caps (External link, Youtube)


Ressources needed:
- discarded HDPE plastics

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 convential electrical sandwhich toaster

- 2 sheets reusable non-sticking cooking liners

- 1 pair of gloves

- 4 bar clamps (one-handed if possible)

- 1 working table

- 1 flat piece of wood

- something heavy to put weight on the product while it's cooling down

How to make a durable synthetic fabric by fusing plastic bags
(External link, youtube)


Resources needed:

- thin LDPE plastic bags, # 4 plastics

- scissors

- conventional iron

- non-sticking cooking paper (re-usable if possible)

- a piece of cloth

- a sewing machine to produce something out of the fabric you're going to get