Further Information

About the problem of marine debris

What is the "Garbage Patch"?
NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
PDF-Dokument [176.3 KB]
No place for waste - How to stop waste dumping from ships
"The North Sea Foundation" and "Seas at Risk"
PDF-Dokument [388.5 KB]
Elements of a Honolulu Strategy: a global platform for the prevention, reduction, and management of marine debris
Discussion draft, 5th International Marine Debris Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii 2011
PDF-Dokument [966.2 KB]
At-sea detection of marine debris: Overview of technologies, processes, issues,
Marine Polution Bulletin
PDF-Dokument [838.6 KB]
Quantitation of persistent organic pollutants adsorbed on plastic debris
Journal of Environmental Monitoring
2010_GENERAL_Quantitation of persistent [...]
PDF-Dokument [752.6 KB]
MARPOL Regulations for the prevention of pollution by garbage from ships
2010_EUROPE_MARPOL_Regulations-for the-P[...]
PDF-Dokument [26.3 KB]
Result of two beach clean-ups on Brazils Northeastern Coast (2001 and 2002)
Project „Local Beach – Global Garbage“
PDF-Dokument [136.1 KB]
How litter affects marine animals
Marine park protectors, Australia
2010_AUSTRALIA_How litter affects marine[...]
PDF-Dokument [66.0 KB]
Environmental implications of plastic debris in marine settings: Entanglement, ingestion, smothering, hangers-on, hitch-hiking and alien invasions
The Royal Society
PDF-Dokument [10.6 KB]
Proposing methodological standards for monitoring marine litter
in order to achieve good environmental status in the framework of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
PDF-Dokument [200.4 KB]

About Solid Waste Management on small islands

Galápagos Waste Management Blueprint: Santa Cruz Island, WWF and Toyota developed a plan how the Galápagos Islands can manage increasing waste streams
2010_Galapagos_Solid Waste Management Bl[...]
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About plastics in general

An overview of common plastics, their applications, critical issues and the truth in common public criticism
2011_GENERAL_Plastics_Compendium .pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.7 MB]
Demand in plastics on the Rise
Plastics Europe
2011_GLOBAL_Plastics production_Remarkab[...]
PDF-Dokument [195.9 KB]
Plastics - The facts 2010
Plastics Europe
PDF-Dokument [6.0 MB]
Thermoplastic Materials - Overview
Rutland Plastics
PDF-Dokument [257.9 KB]

About plastics re-cycling in general

PET Bottles Recycling in Bangladesh is a 10 million Dollar business
Plastic Recycling Industry provides Bangladesh with Livelihood
MP3-Audiodatei [6.7 MB]
We can recycle
Mike Biddle, Edinborough, Scotland
2011_GENERAL_Mike Biddle_ We can recycle[...]
MP3-Audiodatei [33.2 MB]
How plastic bags get recycled
2011_GENERAL_How Plastic Bags Get Recycl[...]
MP3-Audiodatei [20.1 MB]
How to increase the mechanical recycling of post-consumer plastics
European Plastic Recyclers
PDF-Dokument [1.8 MB]
Recycling for climate protection
Frauenhofer Institut for Interseroh SE
PDF-Dokument [2.1 MB]
Recycling of fishing nets
Danish invention 2009 with global perspective and tons of new plastic can be substituted with regenerated plastic
2009_DENMARK_Frandsen_Recycling of fishi[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]
Fishing Gear Recycling and Disposal Options and Guidelines
prepared for West Coast Governor’s Agreement on Ocean Health
Derelict Fishing Gear Workshop March 2010
by Fran Recht, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
2010_USA_Fishing_Gear_Recycling and Disp[...]
PDF-Dokument [186.5 KB]

About further plastic waste disposal options

Green Investing - Towards a Clean Energy Infrastructure
World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 2009
PDF-Dokument [2.9 MB]
Waste-to-Energy: A Renewable Energy Source from Municipal Solid Waste
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
PDF-Dokument [88.2 KB]
The facts behind waste to energy
Energy Recovery Council, USA, 2009: Data and facts show that waste-to-energy avoids greenhouse gas emissions, generates clean renewable energy, promotes energy independence, and provides safe reliable
PDF-Dokument [319.9 KB]